Thursday, October 16th
08:30 10:00 Registration
10:00 10:30 Opening ceremony
10:30 11:30 Keynote Lecture
“Machine Learning for Machine Listening: A new Era?”-
Prof. Dr. Björn Schuller,
Technische Universität München and Imperial College London
Chair: Franz Graf
11:30 11:50 Coffee Break
Frontal Session 1
Room 1: Active acoustic systems Room 2: Noise assessment
Chair: Jurij Prezelj Chair: Mirko Čudina
11:50 12:10 Brandner: Feedback loop shaping for active noise control with constraints of the worst case secondary paths Pfister: Impact of Gaps on In Situ Airborne Sound Insulation of Noise Barriers
12:10 12:30 Šteblaj: Adaptive muffler with flow controlled valves Waubke: Insertion loss of noise barriers with special top design
12:30 12:50 Uskoković: The use of the optical position sensor for the protection of loudspeakers from over-excursion of the diaphragm Schleinzer: Measures for railway noise abatement and the regulatory background
12:50 14:00 Lunch
Frontal Session 2
Room 1: Room and building acoustics Room 2: Signal Processing and machine learning
Chair: Bojan Ivančević Chair: Björn Schuller
14:00 14:20 Balint: The acoustically effective air volume of a reverberation chamber equipped with suspended diffusors Lipar: Classification performance of frequency cepstral coefficients obtained with linear and mel frequency scaling
14:20 14:40 Krhen: The Impact Analysis of the Objective Acoustic Quality Parameters on the Subjective Assessment of Sound Control Room Reverberation Rettenbacher: Chronos-Trainer: a Rapid Prototyping Framework for Realtime Audio Pattern Recognition
14:40 15:00 Mijić: Acoustic design challenge in totally flexible configuration of theatre hall    Belsak: Identifying Cracks in Gears by Bi-Orthogonal Wavelets
15:00 15:20 Curovic: Airborne Sound Insulation Measurements Using Gunshot Fišer: Acoustic Geo-Sensing using Sequential Monte Carlo Filtering
15:20 15:40 Coffee Break
Frontal Session 3
Room 1: Acoustic measurement Room 2: Audio technology and Psycho-acoustics
Chair: Kristian Jambrošić Chair: Franz Zotter
15:40 16:00 Prezelj: Sensor for in-situ measurement of sound absorption Majdak: Sound localization beyond the horizontal plane
16:00 16:20 Metzger: Characterization of the ACCMF-System for a simultaneous calibration technique Fuhrmann: Evaluation of a transaural audio system using parametric loudspeaker arrays
16:20 16:40 Chmulik: QualiRoom – Matlab Toolbox for Objective Quality Evaluation of the Room Acoustics Schörkhuber: Localization of multiple acoustic sources with a distributed array of unsynchronized  first-order ambisonics microphones
16:40 17:00 Tabuchi: The perceptual consequence of precursor in tone detection with Schroeder-phase harmonic masker
19:00 Champagne Reception at Schlossbergrestaurant
19:30 Opening of the Dinner
Friday, October 17th
08:30 09:30 Meeting Scientific Board and presidents of national associations
09:30 10:30 Keynote Lecture “On perceptual evaluation of musical instruments” –
Dr. Claudia Fritz,
Institut Jean Le Rond D’Alembert, Paris
Chair: Gregor Widholm
10:30 10:50 Coffee Break
Frontal Session 1
Room 1: Acoustic sensing and design (special session) Room 2: Different areas of acoustics
Chair: Alois Sontacchi Chair: Aleš Belšak
10:50 11:10 Zaunschirm: Comparison of PEAQ and formal listening test results Prezelj: Test signal for evaluation the nonlinearity of the electromechanical system
11:10 11:30 Frank: Sound Design for Electric Cars: What can we learn from combustion engines? Uskoković: The correction of low frequency non-linearities in loudspeakers due to non-optimal Qtc by the use of negative feedback 
11:30 11:50 Rainer: Adaptive Analogue Noise Cancelling: An Evaluation Tool Amon: Evaluation of the spatial resolution accuracy of the Windows Face Tracking SDK in combination with the Kinect V1 and the Kinect V2
11:50 12:10 Pomberger: Estimating errors in pressure-based engine sound power measurement due to spatial sampling Petošić: Electro-Mechanical and Acoustic Characterization of an Low-Frequency Ultrasound-Device
12:10 12:30 Hofmann: Monitoring Reed Vibrations and Finger Forces on a Viennese Clarinet
12:30 13:50 Lunch
Frontal Session 2
Room 1: Room acoustics Room 2: Speech processing
Chair: Gerhard Graber Chair: Martin Hagmüller
13:50 14:10 Sumarac Pavlovic: Analysis of energy “traffic” in room and its implication on sound insulation and absorption of materials Andrijašević: An Improved Algorithm for Maximum-Likelihood Based Blind Estimation of Reverberation Time
14:10 14:30 Ludwig: Classroom acoustics – analysis, simulation and optimization Leitner: Comparison of Voice Activity Detection Methods in Realistic Noise Scenarios
14:30 14:50 Cindrić: Improvement acoustic parameters in home recording studio and control room
14:50 15:10 Jambrošić: Acoustic Design of Large-size Sports Halls in Croatia
15:10 15:30 Vican: Comparison of acoustic resistance of a perforated plate absorber with a tightly and loosely placed thin porous layer
15:30 15:50 Coffee Break
Frontal Session 3
Room 1: Vehicle acoustics and noise reduction Room 2: Numerical acoustics
Chair: Tino Bucak Chair: Holger Waubke
15:50 16:10 Ivošević: Comparative acoustical characterization of a sailplane interiors Ziegelwanger: Simulation of perceptually valid head-related transfer functions
16:10 16:30 Czuka: drivEkustik: acoustic detectability of electric vehicles Junger: Aeroacoustic investigation of a generic rotor model using a hybrid finite-volume, finite-element computational scheme with sliding mesh interfaces
16:30 16:50 Majić-Zec: Light twin piston engine aircraft noise analysis in an unusual attitude flight Koblar: Identification of Vibroisolation Parameters for Numerical Prediction of its Performance
16:50 17:10 Biček: Vacuum cleaner suction unit performance and noise characterization
17:15 17:30 Closing Ceremony